Niihama Taiko Matsuri, Ehime


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3 thoughts on “Niihama Taiko Matsuri, Ehime

  1. These photos are really spectacular. Can you please tell me something about the significance of them – the occasion…. thank you.

    • Sorrrrry for the late reply..

      These photos were taken at the annual Niihama Taiko Matsuri in Ehime, Japan… It’s always held on the 16th–18th of October. It’s essentially a festival commemorating the yearly harvest. Varying sections within Niihama community have its own float (very, very expensive and extremely heavy), with symbolic components representing, for example, the sun (red and white fabric) or clouds (long black cushions). Inside the float, there’s a drummer or two who beat continuously for hours.. There are several competitions where men hoist, spin and ram the floats against each other.. That’s about all I know.. definite must-see if you can..

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